Gritzby : Harnessing Data

Gritzby Analytics a leading expert in Business Intelligence solutions for statistical computing. The company offers a powerful combination of analytics and visualizations that deliver highly accurate and insightful dashboards and help you make timely data driven decisions. We also provide analysis based on Microsoft Excel through effective and easy to understand dashboards to help you summarize and structure your data. With our dashboard, you will know exactly what’s going on in your business at all times. Learn more about our Services.

We Believe in Data. And Your Company should too.

Over the last few years, more and more companies have identified new reasons for working with data. At present, data are effective tools for companies to draw out valuable information, take better decisions and seize new opportunities for their business.

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About Images

We can support data knowledge through Visualization, Creation & Building.

Starting from data analysis and data reporting, Gritzby has developed state-of-the-art solutions to turn its customers’ data into insights and to visualize complex information.

We aren’t Afraid of Your Data System.

Gritzby combines a deep knowledge about data science with strong IT skills. Using ‘R’, one of the best software for data scientists worldwide, it can solve a wide range of problems, dealing with any data system and any technology.

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We Teach You How to Solve Problems and Create Value.

In addition to the consultancy services, Gritzby also provides its customers with high-quality training services, tailored on each customer’s needs. In conclusion, if you’re looking for innovative and value-driven consulting and training services for your company, you’re definitely in the right place.

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